Geoffrey Shropshire is an Agricultural Engineer with experience in research and testing of agricultural equipment, computer programming, and teaching.  He holds a Professional Engineer’s License in Idaho, a BS in Agriculture from the University of Delaware, an MS in Engineering from the University of Illinois, and a PhD in Agricultural Engineering  from the University of Nebraska. At the Nebraska Tractor Test lab, an internationally recognized facility, he developed a spreadsheet system to handle test data and format it for published reports.  He has taught engineering and technical classes at four universities, including courses in machinery, engines, crop processing, and agricultural computer application, working closely with US students as well as students from China, Netherlands, Columbia and India. Computer experience includes programming in  Fortran, BASIC, C, Pascal, HTML, assembler code, and spreadsheets for academic, teaching and commercial uses. Examples include engine vibration simulation, business record keeping, survey data extraction, animal feed analysis, and greenhouse gas emissions calculation. Dr. Shropshire grew up on a sheep and hay farm in SW Pennsylvania and still enjoys working on farm equipment and driving tractors.